Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Engagements; Salt Lake City Photographer

There is something so romantic about big bodies of water. I love it. Don't these two look so happy and in love? These guys really are great!

This specific day was somewhat of a nightmare for me. I've never pulled so many clumsy moves, I felt like a clown. That morning a dropped a pair of my clients wedding rings (never done that before, nor will I ever again). Then I pulled one of those absent minded moves by putting milk in the cupboard, and peanut butter in the fridge. But to top it off I lost my keys during this photo session clear out by the Soltair. After all of us hopelessly looking for them well after dark, I finally called my husband to bring me a spare. These two stayed with me and my daughter the whole time! We were approached by security and asked to join a party because it would be safer then being alone in the dark. I'm not sure how much safer I was supposed to feel with a bunch of drunk middle aged men and my 7 year old daughter next to me. However, we made it through the night and all was well. Thank you Jessica and Andy for sticking around with me, it was a great adventure. :)

We at least got some great shots out of the craziness!

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