Thursday, April 14, 2011

Utah Unique Engagements, Fields and Vehicles

My life has been a bit crazy this past month. A lot of unplanned events took place, and the planned ones were placed on the back burner. I just began giving my business a "face lift," when my husband was offered a career change. After a couple days of digesting the offer he accepted. He is now the CCO of Renatus, an investment education company. I giggle at his title, it stands for "Chief Communication Officer," it sounds so corporate and professional. I tell people he is the Director of Communications it's more relate able. Now, I'm very happy he took the job. It really stretches him and he loves it. Even though his last job was very reliable, and he'd been with them for 7 years. This new job makes him happy, and I can't argue with that. This new company is really neat, and has so much opportunity. You can see it HERE.

Next, just a few days later we decide to up and move. The decision was made quickly and we moved almost just as quick! We lived in our previous neighborhood for 7 years. For everything that has been so constant to change so quickly, has been very crazy. However, we've been very blessed. There has been numerous times that our friends/family/neighbors have come and helped us out in so many ways. They watched kids, brought us food, helped us move/pack wash walls, let me cry on their shoulder and much more. The best part is that we didn't even have to ask for help. They were all just there. Which made it even harder to leave. I really love those people. I'm so grateful to have such wonderful people around me.

Well, we're getting through the tail end of it and things are starting to calm down. I'm finally getting back to the "face lift," I'm excited to incorporate all of my new ideas into this business. It's going to be awesome! I've been doing all of the photoshoots I've had scheduled so I have a lot of sessions to post.

Now for the good stuff... :) This is the session I've been working on most recently.

I had a wonderful time with Paige and Cody. These guys are so cute together. They entertained all of my silly ideas and I think their photos turned out fabulously!
I just love this one. Cody is all about his Ford truck, and I've been dying for an opportunity like this. Gorgeous!

Congratulations guys! I'm looking looking forward to Paige's Bridals!

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