Monday, May 24, 2010

Introducing Baby K

In the last week I broke my toe, screwed up my knee, got oober sick, AND my computer crashed. Needless to say I’m very behind in my photo editing, and I will have quite a few post in the next week.

I’m feeling much better now, save an annoying toe,  my computer is working again, and I got to photograph a 5 week old baby. You’d think he was just a couple of weeks old, by his size. After I photographed this little man I went and picked up my 3 month old, oh my goodness was she huge all of the sudden! They grow so fast!

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Elissa said...

Oh my gosh--you did such a good job! what beautiful pics! I'm so behind on even being able to get on the computer these days, so I just saw these. I am way impressed!